Aerial Photography of the Later Prehistoric and Roman Landscape of Western Transylvania, Romania

This project seeks to improve knowledge of the history and development of the landscape of the western lowlands of Romania by the application of archaeological aerial reconnaissance. Though new to this area, this survey technique is well established as the single most important method of finding new archaeological sites in lowland arable areas in…

Simeria 1

Creator: William Hanson & Ioana Oltean

Identifier: 0070301

Date: July 2000

Type: image

Format: jpg

Part of curvilinear enclosure, possibly double ditched, with entrance gap and associated pits, showing as positive cropmarks in reversal. View from S. Curvilinear enclosure with single entrance on the edge of the river terrace to the west of the modern town. Finds recovered during a site visit in 2002 included Dacian pottery, along with some Roman and later sherds. Pits indicate possible sunken houses and storage


William Hanson & Ioana Oltean, “Simeria 1,” accessed January 28, 2022,



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